Top Reasons you should take a break from social media

Social media is an awesome gift we could have now a days. You may agree or not, but I definitely hold it to be true. Because, I have been able to form friendships and keep connections through it. As a blogger and social media activist, social media is a part of my job and a great passion of mine. But I also took break from social media few times. I deleted all social media apps from my phone and then I just kept my phone on silent all day. Whatever a break from social media means to you. I challenge you to try one.



Yeah, it’s really hard to step back from it but believe me, it will benefit you a lot from improving your personal lives to giving you emotional, spiritual and mental clarity.

Here are few serious reasons you should take a break from social media:

  1. Comparison Game

Social media is a comparison game. You show off your lives and everyone else is doing the same. You scroll through Facebook and Instagram to see other’s adventures while you’re stuck at work or you don’t have enough money to do what you love.




Yeah, it’s not only you who face this struggle. We all feel like we’re missing out on living our lives. But think why this is so? If social media brings such struggle for you, then you should sign out and focus on good things in your life.

  1. Time waster

Social media is a time waster. Our time is being wasted in needless scrolling. It is estimated that we spend an average of five hours a day on our phones. These five hours can be used doing things way more productive like playing our favorite sports or any instrument we love.




We can go for walk or get a lunch with a friend we haven’t seen in a while. Instead of editing our photo, we can read our favorite book or pick a new hobby. If you are also constantly wondering where your day went, a social media break is for you.


  1. Connect with people in real

Isn’t it sad whenever we met our friends, all are on their phones? Even we have right people in front of us that we can make connections with. Then we should eliminate the need of constantly checking for notifications. So that we can easily enjoy our present moments with our loved ones.




Social media also takes away the face to face contact. We love to send emoji’s and Gifs but we also agree that all these are not genuine. This also causes great problems when other person misreads our texts and perceives something else. We should connect with people by face to face meetings.


  1. Relieve your stress

I don’t know you’ll agree with me or not but social media becomes stress for me a lot. Stress is already part of our life, so why we let social media to add even more?

From issues around the world, bad comments on our posts, less likes on our photo to which filter to add on our Instagram photos, it definitely put pressure on us. To relieve this stress we need to take a break from social media. Add it to your New Year Resolutions but don’t forget to read, Top new year’s resolution mistakes and how to avoid them

  1. Used as Distraction

Yeah, social media is a big distraction. You can definitely understand it if you’re also a student like me. How many times are we distracted while studying and taking important lectures? Not only students but office employees & workers are also distracted.




A study by the University of Maryland revealed that

“18% of users cannot go more than a few hours without checking Social media.”

I’m not saying that absence of social media is only solution of it. But it’ll definitely help us to focus more on our work rather than checking our Facebook & Twitter notifications.


  1. Improve your personal lives

We all know that social media is an incredible tool of making new relationships but at the same time, it is source of relationship problems. Data released by the McKinley Irvin law firm,

“16% of people indicate that social networking has resulted in jealousy in their relationships. Even increased Facebook usage became reason of higher divorce rates.”



To improve our personal lives, social media break is necessary whenever we are having any family situation or starting a new job which needs our attention.

So while social media can be awesome and helpful, it will be good to take a break from it and explore the real world around you. Trust me, I’ve learned that one of the best things I can do for myself is take a break from social media.


Also, let us know, what’s your opinion about taking break from social media?


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