Top New Year’s resolution mistakes and How to avoid them

On every year, there are millions of people who make New Year’s resolution. People think about how their year has gone and what they can improve on in the coming year. Top resolutions include learning a new language, skill or instrument, write a new book, lose some weight or be a better person. But the question is why do those millions of people not actually keep them? Because of few pitfalls that keep people from achieving their New Year’s resolution.

Avoiding these pitfalls and adopting few strategies to stay focus will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution. Here are few most common New Year’s resolution mistakes which you should avoid:

Not writing it down:

You may think it’s childish to write down your every goal, or making a list of them but it actually works. It’s obvious that they will vanish from your mind after sometime if you didn’t write them somewhere.


 According to Dominican University, Students who wrote down their goals accomplished them more than others who didn’t by a long shot. Write down your New Year resolutions so that you can see them often. In this way, they will stay in front of your mind whole year.

 Vague goals:

Your New Year goals shouldn’t be vague. As, they are difficult to achieve. For example, a goal of learning a new language include “Learn the words”, “Learn the phrases” and “Practice it”. These can be more specific by quantifying them. For example, “Write out a self-introduction” and “Use mnemonics to learn” are goals that are more achievable and one step leads to next one. If you really wanna do something unique and creative then “social media break” should be added in your New Year’s Resolution list. Must Read, Top Reasons you should take break from Social Media

Long bucket list:

One of the biggest New Year’s resolution mistakes people usually do is to set too many goals. If you make a long list consisting of learn a new language, lose 15 pounds, write a new book, then you’re going to disappoint yourself.


According to Dr. Graef,

“We try to shoot for the moon too quickly and that doesn’t work out, even we also want to go to Mars and Neptune and Saturn. And if we try to do all of those, we can’t be able to accomplish that.”

So, choosing one to two items at most is better and more efficient to focus.

Not tracking:

You are easily going to lose motivation and forget your goals if you don’t keep on tracking your progress. It can be writing down number or taking your photo for comparison. Check your progress at end of each week. You must have your own way for it.


Even there are many software’s that are specially made for online tracking of your goals like diet, workouts etc. Use them to keep track on your activities.

Keeping it a secret:

Don’t try to hide your goals from the world. You can’t work for them if you keep them a secret. If you don’t feel comfortable in sharing your goals on social media, than at least share it with your buddy or personal trainer. It will increase your accountability, motivation and potential to stick with them. That’s exactly how a dream turns into reality.


Not making the time:

Biggest New year’s resolution mistake is not making the time. Most of us usually set our goals but not its time. It may seems easy to carve out the time but believe me it’s not. We usually don’t have spare time in our schedule, so we have to give up something else to make time for our goal. For example, if you want to write a book, then get up an hour early every day to write.

Not expecting setbacks:

It’s obvious that whenever we try to achieve our goals, there will be some setbacks and it doesn’t go exactly as we planned. I’ll give you my example, if I’ve made commitment to write few pages daily but I don’t write them for few days. I can easily get discouraged and feel like giving up. But you know what it’s quite silly.


We should never give up easily as every little bit of progress leads towards our goal. Even if it’s tough or you face few hurdles in achieving it. It’s all for the greater good. 

Not celebrating small achievements:

According to Professor Shawn,

“Every person should pat himself on the back after accomplishing their small victories.”

He found that appreciating yourself on every small victory is what keeps goal setters happy and motivated toward his goal. So, if you’ve achieved any little victory then go, grab your friends and party hard. :p




Let us know if you think there are some other New Year’s Resolution mistakes.

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