List of Must Buy Top Laboratory Instruments

Looking for laboratory instrument, but tired of shopping in old fashion way? Where you have to go to the market, search for prices, bargain from marketers and then finally end up losing a chunk of money in term of commission while buying your desired product. Well, we have a solution for you where you can buy directly from the retailer without any intermediate person.

The biggest reason that many of people do not trust online portals for shopping is due to number of scam stories we heard in the past. “But Things have changed”. Now the online stores has some great check and balance on their vendors and some of the bestselling stores like Amazon and Ali Express even fine their vendors, terminate their account if they had a report of involving them in scam, returns your money even apologies and offer you product all for free for wasting your resources and that’s not it, making a vendor account on these platform requires a huge amount of money, time and scrutiny. Getting reviews from customer is also not that easy.

A pro tip is to always go for highest review product and vendor which have more sales.

Let`s have a look on the list of laboratory equipment, like other lame blogs we will not be putting a lot of data here we will be reviewing few mandatory laboratory equipment and lab supplies for now but in details and also with safe authorized links of reputed websites.

Centrifuge Laboratory Instrument:

Centrifuge is a laboratory equipment that needs no introduction, driven on motor it spin the liquid and made it useful for various purpose. Let`s have a look on Top Notch Brands for Centrifuge which are available on a trusted store online you can buy all on your own.


secilogix-centrifuge-laboratory-instrumentPrice: 84.40$ | Shipment: 0$ | Total: 84.40 $ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

If you are planning to go with small tubes/Viles like 0.5ml, 1.5ml & 2ml than this is best match for your choice as SCILOGEX is a trusted international brand and as well as this centrifuge is providing speed of 5000 RPM ( Revolution Per Minute ) with 8 vile at a time all with free shipping which makes it best choice in affordable price and best suitable for professional use. Moreover cit is available in 4 different color which will surely make your life colorful.

2. 800-1 Electric Laboratory Centrifuge


Price: 88$ | Shipment: 96.79$ | Total: 184.78$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

This is a standard traditional centrifuge machine used in many labs. With 4000 RPM it can work even with longer Vile of 20 ML. Standard Shipping Charges more than the actual price will applied but still it has so far the best reviews and selling, that maybe from free shipping states so here the pro tip.

Do not buy blindly by seeing reviews only as we are talking about saving money and buying good product here.

3. JFTOOLS Electric Centrifuge


Pice: 137.49$ | Shipment: 31.58$ | Total: 137.49$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

This is also a standard traditional centrifuge machine that is being used widely in most labs that uses big vile of 20 ml with 4000 RPM. It also comes with buyer protection of full refund and have many successful sales and reviews where JFTOOLS is also a proper company for laboratory instruments So this is what we recommend for a professional setup. It comes with speed and range manual control option which comes handy in times.

We have a Pro tip for you here while buying make sure you have selected voltage specification as per your area, total amount will be displayed after you select it.

I assume you have ordered centrifuge machine and vile now. You must be thinking of some professional tools to handle these two laboratory apparatus. So here the sister tool for that which is known as micro pipette that is used widely for precise measurements and a mandatory laboratory apparatus.

Micro Pipettes

With the best options available we have filtered 3 results for you for this field as the specification and use of micro pipette laboratory apparatus is variant so we prefer range of 0.1 – 1000 ul which is used widely.  Dragon Lab has all set of ranges for micro-pipette and also have well established website and it has ISO-9001 Certification.


1. Dragon Lab Micro-Pipette 0.1-10 ul

Price: 43.95$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 43.95$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

2. Dragon Lab Micro-Pipette 2 – 20 ul

Price: 44.15$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 44.15$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

3. Dragon Lab Micro-Pipette 200 – 1000 ul

Price: 44.25$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 44.25$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

Water Bath

Water bath is another mandatory laboratory instrument that is used in every professional setup for many multipurpose. Digital water baths may seems fancy but have limitation so we highly recommend to use the product which is productive even when you are using to its full capacity.

HH 6 Water Bath


Price: 113$ | Shipment: 79.23$ | Total: 192.23$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

HH6 water bath has accuracy of 0.5 Celsius with 1500 W of power usage. Shipping cost is apply on this product as it is a heavy laboratory instrument which need special handling as well. This type of water bath is use in labs where work load is very high.

ZNCLGS-1190 Digital Lab Thermostatic 


Price: 395.10$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 395.10$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

This is  is a relatively expensive model but many professional are using this because of its hi-tech features like adjustable stirring speed up to 2000 RPM which have+/-1 RPM of  accuracy, digital display, ambient to 350 degree, sleek design and most importantly PID Control. It uses less electricity which will save your money in long run.

Blood Mixer

This is one of my favorite product as it save you from a lot of physical exercise sometimes. Price of this product is very high in most of the online stores. Recommended products are being use by many of the labs.

XK02 Horizontal Blood Mixer

Price: 138$ | Shipment: 62.91$ | Total: 200.91$ | Buyer Protection: Valid | Click for more

Blood Microscope

Microscope is the laboratory instrument which have a variety with famous brand like Phenix, Nikon, Olympus, Meiji and many others in competition. You can buy microscope of any like branded you want but make sure you buy what meets your requirement.

Phenix PH100-3B41L-PL


Price: 818$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 818$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

If you want to buy blood plasma microscope. Which have electronic display and you are willing to spend some real amount of money for this. Than we recommend Phenix PH100-3B41L-PL, 1600X Trinocular Biological Microscope Olympus Style professional blood. With the option to attach CCD Computer Camera. It has 500-1500X Magnification ratio and the best of all it is ISO 9001 Certified. It also has full refund buyer protection.

Phenix PH100-3A41L-PL


Price: 647$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 647$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

If you did not want additional camera port on microscope you can just skip the above version buy this. It could save you with around 200$ and rest have all the same specs.

CAOZHENGWEN Stereo Microscope SZM45TRB252


Price: 322.77$ | Shipment: Free | Total: 322.77$ | Buyer Protection: Valid.

This is another Trinocular Microscope with the magnification ratio under 500 X. It also has buyer protection enabled and no shipment charges. Therefore no worries of losing your money in scam at all.

Students microscope is use for multi purposes. We do not not recommended such product for sensitive use. We are trying to save money here but not in the cost of quality. This is all for now if you have confusion in buying any online product and you want us to review any product write us, we will review it for you as we have experts in our panel of relative fields.

We have listed and recommended only few hot selling laboratory instruments in this blog. After reviewing there specifications, assessing the buyer profiles and competitive study of market. Prices and shipment may vary with respect to locations.

Do not forget to apply coupon discount codes on this much shopping.

All prices may subject to vary, click on links for precise details.

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