Is December season of love or lost?

December season of lights, snow and feasts. A time to make amends and tie up loose ends. A time to finish what you started.


December is season of love or lost? It differs from person to person. December is not an ordinary month as it is end of the year. Some may take this ending as loss of good moments, people and time in their lives but others might consider this season as end of sorrows and difficulties; the people who are hopeful that New Year will bring happiness and prosperity in their lives.


December that’s been the last month of year is actually the last chance to fix up your relationships and make your life better. Some people even try to get their loved ones back.

 This season is basically best for love birds. When there’s snow, red roses, kisses and hugs, to sit in front of fireplace with your loved one and share cups of coffee with each other. <3

Cold days with a tincture of Nescafe, some nuts and chocolate are best things in this season. There are nice hoodies, coats, leather boats, scarves and gloves in which we look soft and fluffy. Actually, these are the things which make everyone fall in love with December.

This season can be remembered for harmony and peace as it is well known for Christmas holidays. The people who live apart gather and enjoy a nice bond which is an actual family moment. Christmas brings happiness by bringing the loved ones together. There are grand dinners, parties, hangouts, decors and gifts which make everyone feel loved.

Many people also get married in this season and everything starts looking traditional and beautiful. We can’t forget New Year night, wintery events, shopping, wonderful shows and concerts, all of them are full of fun in this season.


In December, the nights are wet and fog doesn’t let the sun provide enough heat and light so the trees grow weak and their leaves, shaking in the wind and they turns yellow. It is season of lost as we see signs of the death of leaves, plants and flowers. As our moods are closely associated with nature.

With all these surrounding man becomes sad. Especially people who have lost their loved ones think of December as a season of loss. The long dark cold nights are difficult to spend alone and loneliness makes them feel lost.

“I’m the last thing you would remember it’s been a long lonely December.

December season becomes month of sorrow and sadness for those people especially the people who faced serious breakups in previous months and who are single forever.

“I would go back in time and change it but I can’t “

The lazy frosty nights tempt those people to lay in bed in a quilt for a long time and to cry on all bad memories and loses. These things make it so depressing.

So if you are one of those lonely ones, the best thing you can do in December season is to watch Netflix. :p
Here are upcoming movies in December you must watch.

There is a lot of poetry written about December Season loneliness and sadness whereas you’ll also find some poetry about December’s love.

“I’d go back to December turn around and make it all right

 I’d go back to December all the time”


Let us know what is December for you? Season of Love or Lost?


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