Don’t WORRY Bitcoin Lovers, It AIN’T Going Nowhere!

Bitcoin, Bubble and Burst, The 3 B’s you don’t need to worry about

Hey there! You invested in Bitcoin when it was 20,000$ but now it’s 8,000$? You worried, huh? Yes you need to worry if you don’t know the history of the giant cryptocurrency but if you do, just RELAX!

Candlestick for Bitcoin

The popular cryptocurrency has already survived 13 major crashes!

After the US decided to pass the bill to make it more legal, this crash seems NOT the end of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is still the KING!

According to researchers at HowMuch, where they studied the recent fall, the major crashes that were recorded were as follows:

All Horrific Bitcoin Crashes


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Looking at the charts we can know that this fall isn’t the worst. The period of 30 Nov 13′ to 14 Jan 15′ saw the worst downer of 87% in 411 days.

Considering the time period to be over 1 year this fall seems pretty slow. April 13′ saw an instant horrific fall of 83% of that present value within just 3 days. It was an OMG situation back then! Still if you invested $1000 at the downer of that fall at $45, you would have earned $200,000 right now and half a million dollar in December 17′.

There is no surety that it won’t go down. Some of the experts, including Joe Davis, claims that it might go to zero. On the other hand Cameron Winklevoss claims that Bitcoin will be 40 times the current price. Stay Happy and Stay Blessed!

This latest correction is nothing out of the blue. The more experienced investors have faith in Bitcoin to regain its strength of good earning. The newbies have already withdraw their investments.


So team ABIDEA would suggest to RELAX and enjoy TRADING!!!




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