Cryptocurrency Today: US plans to make it more legal

Cryptocurrency still fascinates US government

Yes you read it absolutely right. Bitcoin may go down further but US have decided to make some of the cryptocurrency more important than its current position.

Cryptocurrency Today: US plans to make it more legal

Arizona loves Cryptocurrency

So as it goes, Arizona state passed a bill earlier in the week that allows people to pay their bills from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and ripple. Wow! this sounds so amazing, doesn’t it?

So the bill, that was passed by a close margin of 16-13 (Seems some people are against technology), was further sent to House representatives for further consideration. Now it’s upto the House, Senate and the chamber, the approval or any settlement could lead to the existence of this new law. By the January’s 4-3 decision in favour of this law by the Senate, it seems quite possible.

Arizona, Jeff Weninger and Cryptocurrency

Jeff Weninger, State Republican for Arizona, says that this is all done to facilitate the technologists of Arizona, Really! It doesn’t seems to be related to the elections.

Furthermore he added that it is a signal for everyone in the world that Arizona is the place to adopt digital currency.

This is the love for cryptocurrency we need.

Though a senator, Steve Farley, said that it could be a burden on the taxpayers. Afterall the conversion rate for bitcoin to US dollars  is very volatile. Both would need to know when is the good time to pay and convert.

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum

Jon Lan Wong not Happy with Cryptocurrency

Jon Lan Wong says that the falls of Bitcoin will continue. This warning came after this weeks dramatic decrease in the rate.

He simply finished his discussion by adding: “No one can argue on the further fall, this is inevitable!”


So let us sit and watch how the love of Arizona for cryptocurreny ends. Does it benefits the people or dwells them into nightmares.




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