Cryptocurrency Pakistan: FIA on Fire, Bitcoin and Onecoin under attack

Bitcoin and OneCoin under threat

Bitcoin Pakistan and FIA

Hate to break this news to all the cryptocurrency players out there but Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has taken some serious steps towards Bitcoin as well as Onecoin. FIA has made their first move of 2018 and arrested one person who was related to this business.

Laptop and mobile phone of the accused were seized for further observations.

FIA has taken this step because of involvement of bitcoin in the Dark Web. Yes, the Dark Web! The rumor you heard was not a rumor at all. Bitcoin was primarily used in the dark web (also known as deep web) for all the transactions. Some believe that it was created solely for the dark web.

This is not the first time FIA took a step against cryptocurrencies. Back in August 2017, they decided to start investigating in the country starting from lahore. FBR also showed their aggression against money launderers who used cryptocurrencies to launder their black money.

Onecoin has always been on top of the black list of cryptocurrencies. On 19 Jan 18′, Bulgaria joined Germany and other nations to operate against Onecoin. It is safe to state that this cryptocurrency is a genuine deception!

On the other side, Arizona, state of US, has passed the bill for senate to allow taxpayers to pay taxes through any cryptocurrency. They focused on Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple.

Let’s see where FIA takes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!


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