Beware of Most Famous Scam

An old lady in the nearby got heart attack and all because of a scam call. It was a sad incident but it made us to write about a lot of types of common and most famous internet scams. So, our readers can stay away from it and inform their loved ones as well.

Internet Scams

Internet available to us is like 4% out of 100%


The remaining 96% of internet is hidden from us, know as dark web which is a second home for all illegal activist, scammers, hackers etc. I will not go into the details of dark and deep web as that is known as another world and refrain you from entering into it as well or will experience some unpleasant incident even get hacked easily.

Dark web and Deep web is another thing from which we are just warning mainly we will cover some of most common scams that are also present even in our web and mostly elders and new users of internet who do not focus much on the little details gets effected.

FAKE Degree Scam

Ever go through a add that claims to give you degree by sitting home? This is one the most famous and funniest type of scam. Not all but there are some companies who offers online fake degree obviously they do not let you know its fake. They take all the mandatory test or exams, even offer to pay them more money to get good grades or get degree earlier than time and some falls for the trick. This is how they make a lot of money from you during your fake degree which has no worth.


Photo Credits: Caleb Woods – Unsplash || PS – These are not fake ones.

That is just one side, later when you have good grades and good degree, you eventually got a good job and when you think life is all good now they approach you again as they have all your details now. This time they approach you becoming a federal agent and ask you to give them more money or they will let your boss know that you had a fake degree or you can even go to jail for this. Its time when you are left with no option instead if paying them and that is how they earn their continuous capital.

Apple Scam

I am also a fond of apple i-phone, tabs and sometimes it got i-cloud lock due to various reasons and people who try to find help in discussion forums may got link of another scammer group. They offer you all type of assistance in repairing your i-cloud lock and ask you to transfer up to 1000 $ or more. They even say that money is for security purpose they will return it as soon as job is done. But the moment you send them your money they simply get non-responsive and block you from every where.

Last but not the least most of the time these scammers show a fake identity of Apple`s Employee to scam you. Beware! Apple has nothing to do with these scammers or scams.

Microsoft Scam

Microsoft Scam is simply like the mentioned above. It happens when we seek assistance from Microsoft for any general issue in our computers in forums, discussion blogs etc. These Scam has placed their link in the places they know a person will fall for it and again MICROSOFT Company has nothing to do with it these are frauds and thugs.

Once you contact these scams they ask for your PC access and than go to into CMD MODE in your system and run any general scan which make you believe that they are working on something. While the scan is running they type TORCHIA Detected. TORCHIA is a very famous VIRUS. They will take you to google than and will show you how dangerous this virus is and you need to act now. You will think of no other option at that time instead of paying them and the moment you pay them TADAAA! You are scammed.

They can even take out sensitive data you have saved in to the system, your passwords, bank details as they have access and can take all your life saving out in seconds so always be safe and do not believe such scams even they claim to be Bill Gates. As Bill Gate is not coming to restore your computer.


Photo credits BINANCE Crypto Exchanger

There are a lot of ways to keep yourself secure from all of these scams. We will quote one of the best practice shared by a cryptocurrency exchange, for now and do write us we will make a detail blog for you if you want to stay away from scammers and follow ABIDEA if you want more awesome articles.

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