Best TV Series list of 2018 to get excited about

Looking ahead to the whole New Year, we are already exited for the huge TV shows with great stars and intriguing premises. They bring new perspectives to the small screen. You may have already tuned into some great TV series. But check out these Best TV Series list of 2018 which you can look forward to watch. So, forget getting out of your home and live your best life in 2018.



Castle Rock is an upcoming psychological and horror season. It is based on Stephen King’s stories. Castle rock is created by one of the great directors J.J Abrams, who is famous for his great collaborations like Star wars: the force awakens, Star trek and Lost etc.

Castle rock is going to be one of the most anticipated series because of its great cast and production panel.




It is an upcoming action and political thriller series. It is based on a fictional character Jack Ryan. The plot is all about a CIA analyst who gets himself into a lot of trouble because of his search on terrorist attacks in U.S. As it is written by legendary Tom Clancy, we can expect it to turn out into one of the great series of 2018.

4. The X Files: Season 11

The X Files is already one of the best science fictions of all time. Its story will exactly continue after the last season’s finale. The plot is about Fox Mulder; an FBI agent and Dana Scully; a doctor and FBI agent as well. The wait for season 11 is about to over for the X files fans. If you have not checked this season then you must watch it from the start.

3. BEYOND: Season 2


Beyond is a science fiction drama created by Adam Nussdorf. It continues after season 1 of Beyond. The plot is based on Holden Matthews who has been in coma for 12 years and when he wakes up he finds various abilities in him which bring troubles to him. If you haven’t watched season 1, you should probably check that out first.

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Best TV Series list also include Collateral. It is an upcoming thriller series directed by S.J Clarkson. Collateral is actually a miniseries consisting of four episodes only. The plot revolves around the beautiful Carey Glaspie; a detective inspector. Carey is one of the great actresses and this series is going to be anticipating because of her.



As the name indicates, The Terror is basically a horror and dramatic season. It is based on Dan Simmon -The terror which is a true story. The plot revolves around a crew of Royal Naval expedition sent to Arctic, who find themselves in a lot of trouble because of a monstrous predator. Hence it is full of horror and can satisfy the audience well.

There are many other upcoming seasons as well, which you can probably try. These seasons are also going to be the most anticipated ones in 2018, depending on your personal choices. Some other Best TV Series list is;

Hard Sun, Trust, Lost in Space, Mosaic, Counterpart, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Good Omens, The Alienist, Deception, The Crossing, Blindspot season 3 and The Walking Dead season 8.

Also let us know, what are the best new TV series you are excited about in 2018?

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